Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi standing and welcoming viewers to the Knowledge Business Blueprint program with white background behind them and caption teaching how to make impact for a living

Does lightning ever strike twice? You bet! For the second year in a row, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are about to launch their flagship training, Knowledge Business Blueprint 2.0  (a.k.a. Knowledge Broker Blueprint).

Last year, in 2019, KBB was the biggest launch in internet history, bringing in a whopping $30 million in sales in just 2 weeks. Over 20,000 people became a part of this historic program, and it did not disappoint.

Now, in 2020, Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 is going to be even bigger and better. We are super excited to bring you the most up-to-date information with this Knowledge Business Blueprint Review and ultimate guide.

To skip straight to our incredible KBB Bonus – FREE 4-8 DAY VACATION, scroll down or just click here -> GO TO BONUS. Otherwise, to learn more about the KBB Method, please keep reading.

The Knowledge Business Industry in 2020

In 2020, online education has become a $355 million per day industry, that still has plenty of room and a low barrier to entry. According to Forbes, this number is expected to triple within the next 5 years.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is designed to walk you step by step through the exact process of how to get there. So you will definitely not want to miss this once-in-a-year free live training from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, on February 27 at 8:00 PM EST | 5:00 PM PST. (Mark your calendar, folks!) Click the big blue button below to register for this training and save your spot.

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What is the Knowledge Business Blueprint 2.0?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint program mockup with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi in the background

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint, formerly Knowledge Business Blueprint or KBB for short, is the flagship training from two of the world’s leading transformation coaches, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a comprehensive online training and software, called MindMint, which is designed to teach you how you can tap into the $355 million per day knowledge industry. 

The training will teach you the secrets of using the knowledge and information you already possess, and how to ethically position yourself as an expert (in any field) and profit by selling this knowledge to others.

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Knowledge Business Blueprint Review and Breakdown

The transformational KBB system consists of 4 main parts:

  • The main Knowledge Broker Blueprint Online Training 
  • Done-For-You MindMint Software
  • The Power Moves Section
  • Access to the KBB Facebook group of 20,000+ course members and like-minded knowledge brokers

Inside the Main Knowledge Broker Blueprint Online Training

The KBB online video training is split into 4 major sections:

Module 1 – Extract It
Module 2 – Fill It
Module 3 – Run It
Module 4 – Knowledge Broker

Module 1 – Extract It:

  1. Tony and Dean’s Secrets to Transformational Success
  2. Uncovering Your Inner Expertise
  3. Identifying your Ideal Client
  4. The Triangle Mastermind Model
  5. Tony’s Most Prized Live Event Toolbox 
  6. MindMint Software Agenda Creation

Module 2 – Fill It:

  1. Event Funnel Magic Blueprint 
  2. Becoming A Digital Marketing Expert
  3. The Marketing Wheel of the Knowledge Business Blueprint
  4. How to Collect Payments and What to Charge
  5. The Entire Sales Funnel Setup in 30 Minutes
  6. Tony’s Launch Secrets Revealed (Decades of Distilled Knowledge)

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Module 3 – Run It:

  1. The Exact Mastermind Formula  
  2. Virtual Event Checklists And How to Use Them
  3. The Perfect In-Person Live Event 
  4. Perfect Event Process Secrets
  5. The Event Logistics Training
  6. Tony’s Seamless Event Hacks

Module 4 – Knowledge Broker:

  1. The Profitable “Knowledge Broker” Formula
  2. How to Maximize the Profits From Your Knowledge
  3. How to Broker Someone Else’s Knowledge
  4. How to Leverage Networks and Mastermind Groups
  5. How to Create Your Own Mastermind Group
  6. How to Grow and Profit From Your Mastermind Group

The Power Moves Section

  1.  Incredibly Powerful Success Mindset Training From Tony & Dean
  2.  How to Boost Your Productivity
  3.  How to Increase Your Confidence
  4.  How to Master Money and What It Symbolizes
  5.  Tony’s UPW Bonus for the Knowledge Business Blueprint
  6.  Bonus Training 1: Napoleon Hill
  7.  Bonus Training 2: Trent Shelton
  8.  Bonus Training 3: Arianna Huffington 
  9.  Bonus Training 4: Marie Forleo
  10.  Bonus Training 5: Hidden “Closed Doors” Training
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The KBB Facebook Community

screenshot of the knowledge business blueprint facebook group with big blue letter on black background saying the knowledge broker blueprint

Access to Tony and Dean’s private Facebook support community of like-minded individuals.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint Facebook group has 20,000+ members who got the KBB program last year and became, or are on the journey to becoming, successful knowledge brokers.

This community is unlike any other found on Facebook. Spearheaded by Dean Graziosi and a dozen caring moderators, it is an invaluable part of your KBB journey.

Here, newbies can feel free to post their questions, and more seasoned and experienced Knowledge Business Blueprint members are there to guide them and answer their questions.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Cost – Is It Really Worth It?

The Knowledge Business Blueprint cost comes with a $997 price tag, so the really big question is, is it worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely 100% yes! When I was starting with the KBB, I never in a million years thought of becoming a thought leader or hosting masterminds. But with the knowledge I got from this incredible training, I was able to quit my job and get started on the path of becoming a knowledge broker and knowledge affiliate.

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In one year since purchasing the Knowledge Business Blueprint program, I have since been able to grow and scale my business in ways I could not have imagined. It truly opened doors that I never even knew existed.

More than anything, the high price point lit a fire of urgency under me, and I knew there was no turning back. I had to make it. So after about three months of doing the program and following Tony and Dean’s advice, I was able to break even and recoup my program investment.

In my opinion, just the support group on Facebook alone is worth that $997 price tag. Countless times when I was stuck or unsure of myself I went there for guidance and found a supportive and caring community of like-minded individuals.

Where to Get Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0

image showing the components of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program with cover of the main course and MindMint software

So, got your interest peaked? Awesome!

The live training with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is happening on February 27, 2020 at 8:00 PM EST | 5:00 PM PST. This is 100% FREE for you to attend, and they will be dropping a ton of massive value there.

To join this once-a-year training, simply click on the big blue button below and sign up. The training will fill up fast, so you may want to register even one week in advance.

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Now, if you attend the free training on February 27th by signing up through us (any blue button on this page), and you actually end up buying the full Knowledge Broker Blueprint program, you will receive an amazing bonus from us. Find out more below.

Our Incredible Knowledge Business Blueprint Bonus – A Free Vacation with EVERY KBB Purchase (Total value of $1,750+)

Sounds crazy!? It’s not.

We have partnered up with dozens of luxury hotels all over the world for this event, and we’re giving away complimentary vacation hotel packages as a bonus, for anyone who purchases the Knowledge Business Blueprint with our link.

There are currently 50+ worldwide destinations available to choose from. Here are just some of the places you can select as your complimentary Knowledge Business Blueprint bonus trip:

twelve small images of wordwide vacation destinations: maimi, las vegas, cancun, hawaii, paris, rome, venice, rio de janeiro, bali, boracay, thailand, fiji

The free vacation bonus includes complimentary hotel stay (4-8 days depending on the destination), but you will be responsible for personal expenses such as hotel taxes, food and beverages, as well as transportation and flights.    

Yes, this is 100% legit and we’ve already give away dozens of these packages. So, here’s how this works. These are luxury resort hotel rooms and are valued at about $250 a night or more (so this bonus is worth up to $1,750). This expense is 100% free for you as a complementary bonus with your Knowledge Business Blueprint purchase.

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid small government taxes and booking fees on the rooms. The taxes and fees will be approximately $19 a night (varies by location) and obviously the only other main costs you will have are your flights or car travel and food & drinks, etc.

In order to be eligible for this incredible bonus, you must register for the free live KBB training taking place on February 27, 2020 at 8:00 PM EST | 5:00 PM PST ) through our link (blue button anywhere on this page) and actually buy the full Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 program.

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Free Vacation Bonus – Quick Rules and Conditions

  1. Your purchase has to be made through our link to qualify (click on any blue button on this page)
  2. We have to be able to verify the email you used to purchase with on our back-end
  3. There is a 30-day waiting period before you can claim your vacation
  4. If you refund the KBB program during these 30 days, your vacation bonus will be no longer valid
  5. You are responsible for paying any taxes or fees on the room (approx. $19 per night, but can vary by location and hotel)
  6. You are responsible for paying for your own flights, car rentals, food, drinks, entertainment, etc.
  7. One free vacation per Knowledge Business Blueprint purchase only
  8. A maximum of 2 adults (you and your spouse or a friend) and 2 children may take advantage of this offer
  9. After the 30-day waiting period, you will have 18 months to choose your travel dates, location, and hotels
  10. Bon voyage!


twelve small images of vacation destinations in the U.S.A.: Atlanta, Atlantic City, Branson, Chicago, Daytona Beach, Gatlinburg, Las Vegas, Miami, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix


To be 100% certain you get the FREE VACATION BONUS, get on our KBB 2.0 Email List (if you haven’t already). You will get exclusive information and updates about the upcoming event on Feb 27, and how you can receive your Free Vacation Bonus. Hit the giant blue button below!

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After getting on our email list, on the following page you will be able to officially register for the KBB 2.0 LIVE EVENT. There will be a BIG YELLOW registration button. See example below. You must officially register through this button to be eligible for the Free Vacation Bonus.

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Follow our emails closely. We will send you several important emails before February 27, but just before the KBB 2.0 LIVE EVENT is about to start (February 27 – 8:00 PM EST | 5:00 PM PST), we will send you an IMPORTANT EMAIL containing your direct BONUS LINK. Only by clicking and signing up with this link can you qualify for our Free Vacation Bonus.

*** NOTE: It’s important to do both:

1) Click on the BIG YELLOW BUTTON and officially REGISTER for the LIVE EVENT (anytime before Feb. 27)

2) Sign up again with the BONUS LINK we send you by EMAIL on February 27, just before the start of the event (8:00 PM EST | 5:00 PM PST)


The Live Event will contain a ton of FREE, actionable content. However, if you end up purchasing the full KBB 2.0 premium program, email us your digital receipt at:

Use subject headline:  “Just got KBB, Send Me My Vacation Bonus!” Please attach a screenshot of your digital KBB purchase receipt, clearly showing the email you used to purchase. This is how we will verify it on our end.


  1. Get On Our Email List
  2. Click the BIG YELLOW BUTTON & REGISTER for the KBB 2.0 Free Live Event (anytime before Feb. 27)
  3. On February 27, just BEFORE the start of the Live Event, we will send you a VERY important email with your BONUS LINK you must click
  4. email us your KBB 2.0 digital receipt at:

*** Remeber, there is a 30-day waiting period after you purchase KBB before you can claim your vacation. If you refund the KBB program during these 30 days, your vacation bonus will be no longer valid.

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The Risk-Free Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program comes with a risk-free 30-day no-questions-asked, iron-clad, 100% money-back guarantee.

What does this mean for you? It means that Tony and Dean take on 100% of the risk. 

That’s right, you get to try the entire program for a whole month, and if you are not satisfied for any reason, if you feel like you haven’t gotten your money’s worth in value from Tony and Dean, simply ask for your money back and you will get back every penny.

In fact, Tony and Dean are so proud of the quality of their program that they have the lowest refund rate in the industry. That’s a fact.

So you literally have nothing to lose and the whole world to gain by becoming a member of the Knowledge Business Blueprint community! (As well having the chance to take an incredible 4-8 day vacation at a luxury resort, as our way of saying thank you!)

Note: Any refunds of the Knowledge Business Blueprint program during the 30-day refund period automatically forfeit the free vacation bonus included with the offer.

When is the Deadline to Buy Knowledge Business Blueprint?

Because of the overwhelming demand, Tony and Dean only open the Knowledge Business Blueprint program once a year for about 2 weeks. Here are some important dates to note:

February 19 – 26: This is when you can register for the free live training that’s happening on February 27. Big blue button below:

knowledge business blueprint free training registration blue button

February 27: The most important day! The day that the Knowledge Business Blueprint goes live. If you’re going to buy KBB, this is the day you will want to buy it. After this day, the price of the program may increase, and certain bonuses may go away. (We cannot guarantee that our free vacation bonus will be available after this date). To get your bonus free vacation, make sure you follow these steps – how to claim your bonus.

February 28 – March 8: KBB cart will be open intermittently, for those that didn’t buy it on the live day (February 27). Again, the price of the program and certain bonuses cannot be guaranteed during this time. 

March 9: The last day to purchase Knowledge Business Blueprint 2.0 / Knowledge Broker Blueprint, after which the cart closes forever and you may have to wait one whole year for the chance to get in.

What Other Are Saying About the Knowledge Business Blueprint

screenshot of a YouTube video showing knowledge business blueprint course members

Can over 20,000 course members be wrong? Not likely!

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have brought a new gold standard to the world of online programs and the Knowledge Business Blueprint is a shining example of the 120% client satisfaction.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint has already helped change thousand of lives, helping people just like you find their calling, quit their draining jobs, and become a profitable, industry leader, coach and knowledge broker.

knowledge business blueprint social media testimonial
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The Downsides (Cons) of the Knowledge Business Blueprint

So the price tag of $997 is obviously a downside. It’s hard to swallow paying half a month’s salary for an online program…

However, that’s the whole point. It’s supposed to feel like a monumental decision. This is the only way that life changing transformation can and does occur. When you are so fed up with the way things are going now, when you want change so bad, that you take possibly the last money that you have (or even borrow) and you invest it in yourself.

We’ve all been through it. Actually my first big investment was a $10,000 program. Within 6 months I recouped my investment and everything after that was pure profit. If it were given to me for free (or cheap), I would never have valued it as much, or taken the time and effort to actually go through it and apply what I learned.

And this is what you will want to do as well. Follow Tony’s and Deans advice to a T, that way you can recoup your $997 within a few weeks or months. But it does require effort and execution on your part.

Also Tony and Dean provide a payment plan of 3 payments of $749 over 60 days. If this is more desirable for you, you may choose this payment option instead.

Another small complaint people had was that the first Knowledge Business Blueprint did not go in-depth into generating paid traffic techniques with Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

Great news! Tony and Dean have decided to fix that and include an entire in-depth paid traffic generation module inside Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0. Can it get any better?

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Is Knowledge Business Blueprint a Scam?

For real?  Have you read a word I said!? 

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is 100% not a scam. It’s the foremost training on tapping into a massively growing digital knowledge and information industry. 

This industry is currently generating $355 million per day (read that again!) and is only going to triple over the next five years.

Tony Robbins is the forefather of this industry, who’s been doing this for 40+ years. Combined with Dean Graziosi, they have over 70 years of industry knowledge and experience.

So no, the Knowledge Business Blueprint is not a scam. It’s a legit program that has already helped over 20,000 people find their calling.

Meet Your Knowledge Business Blueprint Coaches

headshots of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher with blue background and caption saying live online training

Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins public speaking in an inspirational pose with head back yelling, wearing a blue shirt and white background with motivational captions

Anthony Robbins is an entrepreneur, investor, New York Times Best Selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist for the past 30 years. Tony is the owner of 50 companies with a combined revenue of $6 billion a year. He’s written several best selling books such as “Money: Master The Game” and “Awaken The Giant Within.” Tony also loves to give back. All the proceeds from his book “Money: Master The Game” were donated to a charity called Feeding America. Together with this charity, Tony has fed over 100 million people around the world.

Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi looking sideways with a blue shirt and white background with motivational captions

Dean Graziosi is one of the top real estate investors and investment trainers of our generation. He’s also a New York Times Best Selling Author, as well as one of the best motivational speakers in the country.  Dean is very down to earth and absolutely loves to help his students succeed in life and reach their goals. Coming from a family that experienced many hardships, Dean rose above everything and became a billionaire real estate investor.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson facing forward smiling wearing a gray sweater and blue shirt with white background and motivational captions

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, a now half a billion dollar software company. What’s special about this is that Russell grew ClickFunnels from scratch with zero financial backing, VCs, angel investors, or borrowed capital. Russell and the ClickFunnels community have changed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs and made hundreds of millionaires. Russell hosts the annual Funnel Hacking Live (FHL) conference that has the one of the largest turnouts of any entrepreneur conference out there. FHL 2020 had 5,000 people in attendance.

Who is Jenna Kutcher?

Jenna Kutcher with floral print dress sitting at table smiling with white background and motivational captions

Jenna Kutcher is a photographer, coach, and a champion of female entrepreneurs all over the world. At age 22 she bought a camera on Craigslist, which led her down the journey of building her now 7-figure empire. She teaches women how to be wedding photographers and how to start their own businesses in the photography and other niches. Jenna lives in Minnesota, but loves to spend the cold winters in Hawaii and other tropical destinations with her husband.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review Conclusion

If you got this far, congrats, you’re awesome! This means you are really yearning for change, and you are ready to take a major leap of faith.

Remember, everything awesome in your life is waiting for you on the other side of fear and doubt.

So go ahead, make the first step, take the plunge. Register below for the free live training that’s going to take place on February 27 and join the incredible Knowledge Business Blueprint community.

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Oh and do treat yourself to a once in a lifetime luxury resort vacation, on us! (Just make sure you follow the steps outlined in the How to Claim the Free Vacation Bonus section above.

You can contact us here if you have any questions.

See you there!